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Jan 24, 2022

At the commencement of the Arwain Sir Benfro programme, Wavehill were commissioned for the evaluation of LEADER in Pembrokeshire.  Endaf Griffiths, the Director of Wavehill speaks to John about the recent evaluation findings as we reach the end of the programme.

Ar ddechrau’r rhaglen Arwain Sir Benfro, comisiynwyd Wavehill ar gyfer gwerthusiad LEADER yn Sir Benfro. Cafodd Endaf Griffiths, Cyfarwyddwr Wavehill, sgwrs â John am ddarganfyddiadau’r gwerthusiad diweddar wrth i ni gyrraedd diwedd y rhaglen.

this episode was produced by the DATRIS Project which is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund